Union Life

We are all new to Union working. 

Some information follows that may help in our transition.

Rule 1: Document
Rule 2: Document
Rule 3: Document

The more details you have the better off you’ll be if you face discipline or discussing a dispute.  When an event occurs, note: date, location, witnesses and brief description of time leading up to and through the event.

Local 614 By Laws: The document which controls the operation of the local.

IBEW Constitution:  The constitution of the IBEW.

Roberts Rules : Rules by which meetings are run by.

Weingarten Rights : Know the rights that protect you!

View your Personnel file: You have the right to view your personal file that the company keeps on you.

Have a dispute that you can’t resolve yourself?
Talk to your shop steward.
Your shop steward is the first step to take in resolving your grievances.
Once you file a grievance, your shop steward will take it through the steps to settlement.

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